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The master of the Chabot cellars, Jean Pierre Matignon, known to all as Mati, a true Gascon, lovingly cares for the Armagnac during its maturation and natural evolution. Impassioned by nature, the harvest 'vendange', hunting, fishing, cuisine and friends, he finds himself well situated. Living life at just the right rhythm in the hills of Gascony, Mati is an integral part of Chabot's story - one that has been evolving steadily and harmoniously since the early days of Armagnac.

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After almost two centuries, recalled by stock that dates back to 1888, new chapters are still being added to the Chabot story. With modern production methods and cutting-edge equipment, the plot grows more refined. However, the main themes of the tale remain unchanged: commitment to excellence and to honouring the brand’s rich heritage. Chabot owns and manages 100% of its operations, from the vineyards to the vinification plant to the distiller and bottling plant, ensuring an unswerving attention to detail at every stage of the process. The Armagnac’s undisputed quality has carried the brand from humble beginnings, through challenging times to its current success. Chabot now proudly distributes to 96 countries across the globe.

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